LettersLetter from Casey Gray Concerning Cruelty to Farmed Animals - 10 Jul 2004
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Letter from Casey Gray Concerning Cruelty to Farmed Animals - 10 Jul 2004

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To Whom It May Concern,

If they commit all of these crimes, why are they still running? You say that they go through much torture, and yes that they do, then why can't you shut them down? They break laws all the time, everyday as a matter of fact. I know how they get hauled and it is a sad sight just seeing them the way they are packed so tight to where it is hard for them to even breathe. They go through the worst time even getting to the slaughter houses, I couldn't even imagine how they are treated there.

Actually, I do, because I look on web pages all the time, reading about how they are treated and I have also seen pictures of horses in the slaughter houses. You say that you are trying to save them, but why hasn't any been shut down or even fined for what they are doing to these sweet and loving horses. Yes I understand that they need to have slaughter houses, but the horses don't need to be treated like food, but as an animal. I understand that there is no way that we could go without having a slaughter house, there would be so many horses out with people starving them and neglecting them. I even think that the annual total of the number of horses slaughtered should be lowered tremendously. They break all of these laws and how I remember it is if you break a law you pay. Why aren't they paying for it?

Truthfully you could get all of the slaughter houses to shut down if you tried hard enough, but I don't think people are trying hard enough to get them shut down. It is sad to see all of the horses being slaughtered, there are so many that get slaughtered that would make the best pet in the world, but no we have to send it to Russia and Japan to feed the poor japs and communists. Hmmmm.. it seems kind of weird that we care more about the people we hate, like japs and communists than we do our own animals. Please respond to me with some comments.


Casey Gray

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Casey:

Thank you very much for your letter.

While discussing this issue, we need to remember that animal foods are the least efficient way of providing needed nutrition to our human population.

The atrocities committed upon farmed animals continues because it is hidden behind what is considered standard practice, and thus protected by current laws. 

There are investigative animal rights and welfare people, but they are barred from entering these facilities to gather more evidence with which to inform the public, it is difficult to expose the whole truth.

Many people are trying very hard to end this cruelty, but we need more of them. You can help, too, by telling as many other people as you can.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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