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Letter From Brenden Concerning Animals in Heaven - 6 Aug 2004

Do bears go to heaven when they die? Is there biblical support of this?

I want to know because 26,000 black bears are slaughtered legally every year in the U.S. for "sport".

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Brenden:

All living beings, according to the original Hebrew of Genesis 1 and 2, were created by God as neh-fesh khah-yawh, which translates as living soul. So...if humans go to heaven, as I believe they do, then all the other animals go to heaven, too.

If you have access to a transliterated Bible you can see this for yourself.

There are also animals described as being in Heaven, according to the Revelation.

In the Love of the Lord,


Response from Brenden - 7 Aug 2004

Thanks. that is very heartwarming and spiritually renewing to know. However, I told one of my friends about this (who believes that only humans possess souls, and that animals were created for the sole purpose of being utilized by us as a "resource") and he argued to me that there are many different interpreted meanings of the Hebrew word "neh-fesh khah-yawh" and that assuming that one meaning of the word proves the existence of animal souls is "taking God's word out of context". I don't know what to say about his point that word in particular, but overall, he is trying to debase any argument that animals have souls, and argue that there are in fact no animals in heaven. I can't understand why any Christian would force himself to believe such a thing. What would heaven be without animals? It wouldn't be heaven, just a big urban area with a bunch of nice people hanging around everywhere. A rather nice place, but I wouldn't want to spend eternity there, it would get boring pretty fast, don't you think?

I just don't understand why Christians have to be so human-centered. I find it selfish and unChristlike, myself. It's all about us, us, us. God's just a big guy in a white dress sitting on a cloud spending all his time absolutely adoring us, a race of naked bipedal monkeys running around whining complaining about everything, destroying his natural creation to replace it with our own created amenities. It's incredibly stupid to think that a God that carefully engineered and created 30,000,000 species would only give a rat's ass about just 1 of them, (humans) yet almost all Christians I know seem to think that. They actually believe that everything was made for us, #1, the homo-sapiens.

I'm sorry I'm ranting and raving so much, and I'm sorry if you're offended by any of it, but I just gotta get it off my chest, you might be the only person that can help me. When I think about how narrow minded and anthropoccentric most Christians really are, I realize that they aren't really all that high in morals, and they're actually quite corrupt and self-centered. It makes me lose my faith and wonder if it's all just been a huge sham all along. The god I hear most Christians talk about sounds like a hollow god invented by man, for man, to make him feel good about himself, and nothing else.

I want to worship a God that loves his creation, ALL of it, I can see God's grace and love in all things he created. It's important to realize how much god loves US, but at the same time we should thank him dearly for his entire creation, not destroy it thoughtlessly, condoning every act of cruelty upon a fellow sentient with the selfish attitude "He created it for ME to use it that way, because he loves ME."

I love animals, and the fact that so many other Christians around me don't seem to give a crap about anything else but our own species, and push the idea that God feels the same way is making me turn away from Christianity. I am trying to keep my faith, but it's hard. I'm very confused and frustrated. What do you guys think on the whole issue? Can you be Christian, and at the same time not human-centered? Does Jesus love animals?

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Brenden:

Thank you for writing back and for your candid comments about most of Christianity. We couldn't agree more.

When David had his affair with Bathsheeba, the prophet Nathan told David that because of his actions, people would blaspheme God. The hardness of heart you and many other feel within the Church is quite similar. It causes truly compassionate and loving people to question their faith and Christianity. I retired from being a UMC pastor because I was tired of "bucking the system" and realized we could be far more effective in reaching people on the Internet, which has proven to be unbelievably true.

We wrote a commentary about animals being in heaven because of the false teaching that they are not there. You might be interested in reading it.

As you wrote, most people are selfish. They don't want to change their lifestyle. So...they deliberately distort Scripture or deny it says what it says to try to justify their way of life. They also resort to mocking true Christ-following Christians who seek to bring peace to the whole of creation, because they know they are living a lie.

Mary says that most of Christianity has been highjacked by hard of heart people. Their church is no longer the Church of Jesus Christ. Don't lose your faith over the actions of evil-minded so-called Christians. Hold on to the Jesus Christ of the Bible.

We hope this helps.

In the Love of the Lord,


Response from Brenden - 8 Aug 2004

Thanks. It helps very much. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that feels this way sometimes. It says in the bible that God cares for all things he created, he gives life to the plants, takes care of the birds and watches over all the animals.

Christ the savior died for humans, for humans are the only ones that needed to be saved. Humans are the only animal that turned their back on God, and are the only animal capable of being eternally seperated from God in Hell. I believe that animals have always been close to god, and never had any problem with their relationship with him at all.

I believe that all animals always have gone to heaven, and that there are no animals in hell. I also don't think an animal has ever just died and "blipped" into forgotten oblivion like so many corrupt christians want to believe they do, and like so many atheists believe all humans do as well.

This idiot I know told me that it's perfectly okay to be cruel to animals, because they don't have souls, because they don't worship Jesus Christ the savior or accept him into their hearts. As assinine and backwards (and medieval) as that kind of thinking is, I merely asked him, "How the heck do you know that?"

It's possible that animals could feel and acknowledge the presence of God in their hearts all the time, and who knows? For all we know, they might glorify God every waking moment of their lives. There's no way we can say or prove that they don't. Sure, they don't have organized religion among themselves or anything, but that doesn't mean that animals are atheists.

for all of God's children,


Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Brenden:

We totally agree!

I believe the job of all of us to set the example of Godly peaceable living for the world around us, that those who want to believe have a refuge. We can't force people into the Kingdom, we can only love them in.

And, for those who don't want the Peaceable Kingdom, and fight against the truth, don't worry about them; just leave them to God and move on, sharing the Gospel of Peace for the whole of creation.

In the Love of the Lord,


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