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Letter from Dawn Concerning Animals Killing Animals and Animals Saving Humans - 17 Aug 2004

I just wanted to know what your opinion was on anmials killing animals. I mean when a Lion hunts down a Zebra or a Gazel they don't exactly do it cleanly and painlessly. They literally eat the animal alive. I also wanted your opinion on animals killing humans. Now I am a proud supporter of animals rights. I belong to PETA and HHS.

Animals have been a big part of my life. My mother was saved twice by animals. Both of which lost their lives in the process. My house burned down 2 years ago. My parents dog must of opened the window with his teeth and jumped through the screen to come get me. I went to return him home when I noticed the fire. I ran in to make sure my mother was out and the dog must of followed me in. Sadly, he never made it back out...I barely did either. I suffered severe burns. My mother was also saved by my horse while she was riding her. They were stuck by a car. Just before impact the horse turned just enough so that my mother wasn't kill. Sadly, my horse died and I still cry over her to this day. Well anyway, I just wanted your opinion on animals killing animals.

Thank you and God Bless,


Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Dawn:

Thank you for your letter and desire to help animals.

Our relationship with animals is not an "us and them", but an "us" relationship of loving companions, as you and your mother know.

Animals killing animals is part of the corruption of the world, over which humans have some control. Our domestic house cats were never taught to kill and they would sit around and watch a field mouse without hurting him or her, until Mary would pick up the mouse and take it outside. Every day we pray for the cruelty and killing to end and for God to usher in His Peaceable Kingdom.

In the Love of the Lord,


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