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Letter from Maureen Adams Concerning Elephants and Our Ministry - 29 Sep 2004

Dear Frank,

I received your e-mail and wanted to tell you how great the Elephant page looks.

Tinkerbelle and Lulu (see our Elephant Animal Exploitation Photo Journal) have been scheduled to be retired to PAWS (the Performing Animal Welfare Society) in California,  

They have appropriately been allowed to load into the trailer in their own time and progress has been slow. The AZA is threatening the SF Zoo with revoked accreditation for this act of defiance in permitting these elephants to retire to an "inferior" sanctuary instead of being placed in the Species Survival Plan (breeding) of yet another AZA accredited facility. I felt this was important to note since the welfare of Tinkerbelle and Lulu are sincerely being considered by the SF Zoo. They are not the "bad guys" in this situation, the AZA however, needs to come to terms with their own inflated ego.

The other very important reason I'm writing you is to ask you to please remember the elephants especially now in this very volatile time. I've attached an article below for you to read. This is a critical time for the lives and future of elephants being killed for their ivory. The CITES conference begins in 3 days and the outcome will forever impact the lives and future of wild elephants.

Please keep them in prayer and please ask everyone you know to pray also, it is an urgent and desperate hour and only the Lord can bring about a positive result as this a true battle between good and evil. Please, please pray!

Thank you so much for all you do, you and Mary and your great ministry have been an amazing blessing in my life and I thank God He has allowed me to find you through All Creatures!

My fondest wishes,


Ed. Note: Maureen Adams has been working with us to develop our Elephant Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and elephant articles as part of our mutual efforts to end elephant exploitation.

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