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Letter from Sharon Kilpatrick Concerning Cruelty to Animals - 2 Oct 2004

Dear Mary & Frank Hoffman,

My daughter recently received a dog. therefore she borrowed books from our local library in Macomb County, Michigan. I don't know who to report this abusive book to but saw your website and thought maybe you would know how to rid the world of this 'dog training book' that recommends severe, cruel abusive punishment to dogs - to train them!

The interior cover of the book says it's NO 1 BEST SELLER! The name of the book is:

KOEHLER METHOD OF DOG TRAINING, by William Koehler, 1996 Simon & Schuster publishers

ISBN 087605-577-3 incase you want to check it out first at your library to see what I'm talking about!

The book recommends "beating the dog until your out of breath with a heavy leather belt. Then catch your breath and beat the dog again until your out of breath" (to let it know who's the master'). Their recommendation for how to stop dogs from digging holes in the back yard is: "fill the hole with water. Force the dogs head down in the water so the dog thinks it's being drowned. Hold the head there for a while underwater (to scare it to death) so that it think's it's dying and then release the head."

How can such books be out on the market! And how can they be said to be 'dog training books!"

I thought you might know some activists who can work to get this book to not be published and pulled off library shelves. My daughter and I are going to 'confront' the head librarian at Macomb County Library, Michigan about the books contents - that she may be unaware of. And strongly request the book be pulled from the shelves of this library and that of all Michigan libraries. That's about all we can do and have the time for. I thought i would notify you, who seem to care deeply about animals - to see if you could get active about removing this book also.


Sharon Kilpatrick - Michigan

Reply from Mary and Frank

Dear Sharon:

Thank you for writing to us and informing us of this horrible book.

You should inform the library and ask them to pull the book off the shelves, because of the cruelty it advocates.

Unfortunately, freedom of speech laws allow the publication, but the content is advocating breaking animal cruelty laws that many states have adopted. We're not familiar with Michigan laws, but you might want to check with a local animal rescue organization or the police to find out if Michigan has felony animal cruelty laws on the books.

We hope this helps.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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