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Letter from Sunny Tripathy Concerning Animals as Food - 11 Oct 2004

Dear All,

I come to you guys, with a request and plea. I am fourteen years old, and I came upon a place, that brought me in tears and fear.

I was in India over the summer. I used to eat chicken before, in 2003. However, when I went to India, I came upon slaughter of these innocent animals. I never thought about it. You go to a Chinese restaurant....order a chicken dish, and never think about it. The chicken pieces look like vegetables. But...where did it come from? How did it get to that plate. I found it in 2003 summer, while in India.

These small chickens, dragged, and killed, their bloody flesh used for meat. Young cute goats... killed and slaughtered on site. Same for many other innocent animals. Ever since I have become vegetarian.... then after learning about the abuse of egg-laying hens, i became a lacto-vegetarian, and left eggs. I also don;'t eat cheese, and my goal is to become completely vegan, and leave milk. I have fell in love with all these animals.

I love animals, and I have done much research after becoming vegetarian, as well as reading many books such as Slaughterhouse, Animal to Edible, and many many more, and I have spent numerous hours reading and learning about the slaughter of such beautiful animals. My goal as a vegetarian is to make as many more people vegetarian as possible. I hope people who respect me, will respect others as well. I have done numerous speeches on veganism, and I promote vegetarianism everywhere I go, But I would like to take it a little SHOW people what they eat, where it comes from, and the suffering of such innocent animals.

I am working on making a documentary on slaughter and animals, called "Innocent Eyes" I plan to do shooting in many places, including India, and I am getting help from friends and family, yet no one is able to fund me in such a big-scale project. Lacking adequate funds, my dream of saving animals has been temporarily held off. I lack in good equipment and tools. I will put my entire life, to saving the lives of these creatures. I know you guys do scholarships and other funding services, but I don't know if and how mine would qualify.

I hope someone will help me, and it is not I who benefits, but millions of animals whose lives are sustained to crates and knives... please.... I ask on behalf of every single creature on earth. My goal is to create DVD's, and make it a widely seen DVD.  I request help financially...I'm only fourteen, and my family is not well off to support me in my goals.... Please let me know if you can help me save the animals in the world, and in ending cruelty.....


Sunny Tripathy

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Sunny:


You are an extremely dedicated person with some wonderful ideas and goals. We would very much like to work with you.

Everything you want to do is doable, except for one thing: the marketing of the video. Even big name people, such as Howard Lyman, are having trouble marketing their videos. You can always archive your videos until you have a market established, but make sure that your videos are digital.

Our suggestion is to begin by expanding your effectiveness by using the internet. We will offer you as much internet space and publishing services as you need, free of charge. This can be for articles, photos, and anything else you may desire. Everything you do to help promote compassionate living should be archived on the internet so that people beyond your immediate audience can also hear/read your message. We can do this either by building upon what we already have on our web site, or we can set you up with your own web site, or both.

By doing this, we also get to know more about each other, and how we can expand our efforts together.

What is a good time to call you so that we can discuss this further. We would also like to speak to your parents, to assure them of our no cost services and support.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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