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Letter from Rupert Small about a Vegetarian Diet and Health - 14 Nov 2004


If only, mankind would understand that problems in the body are due to wrong eating, drinking and living habits; and be inspired to turn to the vegetarian way, there will be less or no need to visit the physician. God created the human body a certain way, to be treated likewise.

I believe the vegetarian system is the way God wanted it to be. Being a vegetarian has cured my low blood pressure, weak knees, clogged arteries, my nervous condition, my bad odor perspiration and has restored my organs of digestion to proper function.

Before my transformation, I could not eat unless there was at least two types of any kind of meat in the plate. Now, I will never go back to that artery clogging method of eating.

Keep up the good works.


Rupert Small

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Rupert:

Thank you very much for your inspiring testimonial and encouraging words.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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