LettersLetter from Judy Watson Concerning Animal Suffering and Human Indifference - 17 Nov 2004
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Letter from Judy Watson Concerning Animal Suffering and Human Indifference - 17 Nov 2004

Hi Mary and Frank,

I hope this letter finds you well. I would like to thank you for answering all my questions; yes, it did help, I have been going through your web-site and reading so many letters, there is one in particular that I like, about the Depression that comes from all this horror, i would of like to written back to the woman who wrote it, there is no address, because I have a depression from all this horror also and sometimes I don't so very well in life because of all this horror that I know, it haunts me, you see that's why it is so important for me to know that God loves his animals.

Yesterday at work( I do house cleaning) my customer was having lunch and asked if I wanted some and then said , O yeah you don't eat meat, and then we started to talk and I was saying something about the treatment of farm animals, castrating without anesthetic, and she said she knew about it and all the other things because her cousin owns a farm and has seen all this done, and that is what they are for.  I could of just knocked her out cold, she talked about them as if they weren't even living beings or even had any feelings.  

It is so sad that people see animals like that.  And she continued to say, they weren't like a cat or dog.  I told her they all have feelings and they could make wonderful pets also.  I know of a man that has many of these animals from these farms and they are his pets, and he loves them more than life itself.  I said, what about when they take the babies away from the mothers and they CRY.  She says they Moo. I said listen closer next time and you will hear they are crying, needless to say, enough said as I need my job, and some people are just thick headed, especially the farm people.  

I thank the Dear Lord that I was never brought up on one, I would of not survived the trauma.  Anyways I am sending you this Noah's Ark article it is too funny, and I feel we could use a laugh. (See Noah and the New Ark)

Please take care and Thank you for answering my question, I am so glad that I found you and your web-site, now I don't feel so alone, and will do what I can to make any change in the church to raise Awareness of the farm animals plight.

May God Bless Us All


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Judy:

Thank you very much for your follow up letter and the story.

There are some people who who have an unteachable spirit because of their hardness of heart. There is no sense discussing things with them. Just move on to those who will listen.

Know in your heart that God does care for His whole creation, and that he has charged people like you and us to be His witnesses to the world.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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