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Letter from Theresa Aulig Concerning Elephant Exploitation - 21 Nov 2005

"Elephants Sanctuaries Grow in Popularity" well - not so fast! - just look at this atrocity. But if one reads their bios - one is not surprised "Elephant appeal fails; they must go to Ohio - Zoo director can't send them to sanctuary"

Warm regards

Theresa Aulig

Response from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Theresa:

Thank you very much for sending us this article.

This is just another example of how the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

Reply from Theresa

I just wrote a letter to the President of USA - do you think he will write me back and follow my recommendation to change the AZA's management?

lol -

You know - you never know! until you try!

We are totally exasperated in our fight with Lincoln Park Zoo -

Tatima just died, Peaches is very ill - and they just let it happened and won't let them go!

Well - we just have to fight until we are successful - or we die!

My very best to both of you - I will keep you posted,

I'll send you a picture from our last protest at Ringling Bros, in Chicago - I made the costume - the little kids were hugging the "elephant" and were even arguing if there is a man inside - it would have been funny, if the circumstances weren't so sad...


Ringling Bros. protest

I'm proud of the feet

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