LettersLetter from Amy about Our Web Site Ministry, Religion, and Fish Farming - 25 Nov 2004
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Letter from Amy about Our Web Site Ministry, Religion, and Fish Farming - 25 Nov 2004

You have a very eclectic website that is full of interesting and controversial ideas. This is what caught my attention.

Although my religious practice differs from yours (Iím a Buddhist with a Jewish heritage), we share the idea of unconditional love and compassion toward all sentient beings. Communicating this message via images and text will certainly contribute to peopleís education in this regard. While I feel the quantity of images is a bit much to digest, I think your website provides many insights about animal cruelty. I also think your responses to peopleís comments, especially the one person who thought that the killers should be killed, are thoughtful and appropriate.

I didnít see anything on your website about the farming of fish (specifically salmon). I donít know if this counts as ďanimal crueltyĒ in your sense of the word, but it does in mine. Iíve heard that Atlantic Salmon is farmed off the coast of Chile, where it is a non-native species. The fish are in such crowded and unhealthy conditions that they are dosed with antibiotics just to survive. Also, their fecal matter is so concentrated in areas where they are farmed that it destroys the other life in the area. The coastal areas near their pens have become essentially ďocean deserts.Ē I should also mention that the flesh of farmed salmon is not the beautiful pink that makes it so famous; itís actually white. Itís dyed before going to market (actually many of the mass produced meat products are dyed). The health consequences of eating this amazing animal itself should be a deterrent; alas, so few people know about this situation.

I have met many people who consider themselves vegetarians even though they eat fish on occasion. I know many who are aware of the high mercury content in many fish, but I wonder if they know about the salmon situation. Might you provide some information on your website if you consider this issue relevant?

Thank you for hearing me.

With gratitude,


Reply by Frank and Mary

Dear Amy:

Thank you very much for your very encouraging comments and for your insights.

The major problem in all of our major religions is that many, and perhaps most, people don't recognize the universal truth of love and peace that permeates all life and all religious founding principles. We believe that it's this lack of understanding that has led to most of the wars we have had. Perhaps it's as Isaiah prophesied: "They will neither hurt or destroy in all My holy mountain, for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the water covers the sea." Is our world problem that most humans lack the knowledge of the Lord?

We haven't forgotten about the fish and the way they suffer and die, and we'd love to publish a section for them. It's a matter of time. At the present time, we are so backlogged with existing projects that we haven't had the time to start a new project with all the research and photo gathering it requires. We really could use some help in doing the research. If this is something you could help with, we would really appreciate it, as would the fish. Please let us know.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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