LettersLetter from Hana Concerning Animal Suffering and the Media's Lack of Responsible Reporting - 4 Dec 2004
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Letter from Hana Concerning Animal Suffering and the Media's Lack of Responsible Reporting - 4 Dec 2004

I'm e-mailing this to you on my dad's e-mail-

I'm 11 years old and I have been a vegetarian for about a year now. Several times I've been tempted to eat meat, but now I've seen this site and shall never be tempted again. I wish to become a vegan, but there are so many things that I cannot give up, although I wish I could.

Four days ago, my best friend who loved meat more than anything, saw this site and instantly became vegetarian. Thank you. My other best friend is not a vegetarian. After I show her this site, I am hoping she will consent to show real compassion to animals.

I am just a kid, and I can already see that this world is pretty messed up. Every time I see the news, they're always talking about things that are going wrong in this world: war, politics, crime, the weather, murder, starvation, and global warming. Why can't they talk about the cruel and abusive world hidden from the public? Animals being slaughtered and tested is something that is going wrong in our world. Why can't news reporters tell people things that are happening to animals? Some people might say "Because they are not important enough to be on the news." How can they not be important?!? After all, they support half of some of our food supply!!! If you love your pet at home, why can't you show love and compassion to animals being killed? How are they different from your domesticated pet at home? How would you feel if your dog or cat was taken away from you and sent to their death? It's terrible!!!!!!


Reply by Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Hana:

Thank you very much for your compassionate letter and heart. Your writing shows a maturity way beyond your years.

We have questioned the same things you have. Basically, the media doesn't report on most of the cruelty being inflicted upon animals because a lot of their advertising income comes from the animal food and drug industries.

By spreading the truth as you are doing, more and more pressure will be brought upon the public and media to demand an end to the pain and suffering being inflicted upon animals. Many of us believe that when humans finally learn to treat all animals with love and compassion, they will also learn to live with one another, and we will finally have peace on earth.

The future of this world rests in the hearts and souls of young people like you.

And Dad, you have a remarkable daughter!

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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