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Letter from Michelle Concerning Our Web Site Ministry and Christian Cruelty - 11 Jan 2005 - Part 3

Thank you. I think you have a wonderful website with information and points that no one can reasonably argue with. Christians and non-Christians who feel animals are nothing but objects to be used will be forced to change their views when they are backed into a corner. Maybe if the Christians knew just how many people turn away from their religion because of their savage thinking, they would reconsider.

What I don't understand is why they would so wrongly misinterpreted God's word in such a barbaric way. They portray Him as vicious, favoring only one species above all others, and giving permission to that one species to torture and mutilate any other species out there. It's not right. God is supposed to be merciful and caring. Why wouldn't He care for His other creations? Why would He be so cruel, to make so many different species, and then allow one species to dominate and oppress every other living creature? Create life just to have it destroyed.

How is it different to inflict suffering on an animal than on a human? There is no difference, and hopefully people such as you and I will help all those ignorant people who think otherwise to see the truth. I really am hoping with all my heart that one day animal life will be viewed as sacred as human life, and it should be. I long for the day when animals are respected as they should be. Only when all sentient life is viewed as equal will we have true peace and harmony, because then, and only then will hatred and anger be overcome.

Thanks for reading.

Reply by Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Michelle:

The unfortunate problem is that more people seek to do evil than seek to do good. They only seem to want to satisfy the lust of their eyes, the lust of their flesh, and the boastful pride of their lives, which John tells are the basis of all sins. The Holy Spirit prompts everyone of what God desires of us, through what we usually refer to as our conscience. As a result, these hard of heart people try to justify their lifestyle through the distortion of God's word, and by leading others astray into their way of thinking, by playing on their lusts.

We need to remember that the Bible teaches us that the father of lies is the devil. So, if these so-called Christians are part of the lie, they are really following the devil and the spirit of the antichrist. They are not followers of Jesus Christ.

True Christians are known by and through their love for the whole of God's creation.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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