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Letter from Michelle Concerning Our Web Site Ministry and Christian Cruelty - 12 Jan 2005 - Part 5

What I find ironic is that these "Christians" are committing the ultimate sin, which is murder, and think they are still going to Heaven. Do they really think that by causing innocent creatures to suffer and die will get them anywhere else but Hell? Obviously these people don't think. I mean, come on! It's pretty obvious when you do think about it. Taking away any innocent life is murder, and something the Bible speaks out against the most. It's these kind of Christians that I refer to as "crazy Christians" because they have to be pretty darn crazy to think that they can justify the suffering and killing of innocent animals, because it can't be justified.

They have to be crazy to think they still will be rewarded in the end. I think the worst are the scientists who test on animals, whether they're religious or not. What they do is unspeakable. They're a bunch of Nazi monsters torturing and cutting apart animals for the benefit of Science.

Their laboratories are torture chambers. It's twisted, disturbing, and disgusting that they are allowed to get away with this. They have no heart nor compassion to the innocent and helpless little creatures they cause pain to. These creatures have no way of defending themselves. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about what these poor animals have to go through. There are so many alternatives. Why is it still happening? Why did it ever happen? It just proves that people haven't become civilized over the past centuries as much as they think they have. Civilized is the last thing these animal abusers are. I know I'm getting very riled up, but these types of issues just make me furious. What kind of evil world do we live in that allow the innocent to suffer so tremendously? There can never be any logical reason or justification to this madness and massacre, even if it did help with medical research, which in truth it doesn't. No species reacts alike, and it's all a very sad waste of innocent life.

Thanks for reading.

Reply from Mary and Frank

Dear Michelle:

There are two things that bear on your comments; there is a false teaching going around much of the right wing of Christianity that says that by simply believing in Jesus Christ all of your past, present and future sins are forgiven, so that it doesn't matter what you do.

The other is that most people are selfish, and don't care what happens to the other person or animal, so long as it doesn't happen to them or their family or pets.

Jesus Christ stood against these things, as did the latter prophets in the Hebrew Bible.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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