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Letter from Michelle Concerning Our Web Site Ministry and Christian Cruelty - 12 Jan 2005 - Part 6

Yes, you are exactly right. Most people are very selfish. It's hard being one of the few who aren't blinded by their own selfish ignorance.

People are ignorant because that's what they have chosen to be. It's easier, ignorance is bliss as they say. If they are ignorant, they don't have to worry about doing anything, and continue to do evil things such as eat the flesh of other mammals.

For us, we choose not to be ignorant so we can live a life helping others, both people and animals. We are few, but I believe eventually our numbers will grow. Eventually people will see the error of their ways, and treat all life the way it was meant to be treated. I like to think this way because it brings some hope to an otherwise very dreary and hopeless world. It's always nice to know we are not alone, and we won't let animal rights become a losing battle. We won't let those cold and heartless people win.

Thanks again. I'm sure your website has affected many as it has me. With sites like yours out there for people to come across, maybe they'll finally be educated, and stop the horrible things they do to animals, as well as change their views on Christianity's supposed cruelty to animals.


and God bless.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Michelle:

We know what you said about your feelings about most of Christianity, but we were wondering if you would like to join a veg-Christian email discussion group that we host. There are many people on the list who feel as you do, as well as others who are not so "outspoken" in their views.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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