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Letter from Allison Concerning Cruelty to Farmed Animals - 22 Jan 2005


I just read your page "An inside look at slaughter houses" and was wondering if they really are breaking so many laws, then why aren't they being stopped?

Don't they get inspected every so often, and if they're caught treating the animals inhumanely then wouldn't they get put out of business? Also doesn't that bolt gun thingy kill them right away? Aren't they raised good on a farm then once taken to the slaughter house they are killed quick and painlessly as possible? This is the way it's suppose to be but if what you say is true then why aren't they being stopped?

I bring this all up because I watched that video on and was applaud so that made me do some research on it to see if it was true or just an activist going to extremes, showing the video saying it's being done all the time when really that place was shut down. My mom said all those "positive" points I mentioned and said I should look it up on the internet find a place where the truth isn't stretched....but I couldn't find any...still looking though. All I can find are places saying pretty much what you are saying.

Sorry if you find me odd telling you all this, I'm just really confused. I don't know what to think now. After seeing that video I decided to become vegetarian, but then my mom said all that stuff, and now I'm confused. A few things on that video I don't believe, well it obviously happened, it's on tape, but I think it was abuse that must have been stopped and not happening everyday. Like the chickens having their throats slit and those pigs getting hit on the head with rocks.

I couldn't even watch that whole video, made me sick, I stopped it about half way through.

Anyways sorry again to bother you like this. Just trying to understand things.



Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Allison:

We don't think you're "odd", and it's important to learn the truth.

The biggest problem is that while outright cruelty is illegal for domestic animals, it is not, if it's considered "standard practice" with farmed animals. The other problem is that the humane slaughter laws are not being enforced.

You might want to read what two USDA inspection people wrote: 

We don't believe these videos are exaggerated. It's very difficult to get undercover videos and photos, thus, the exposure of the cruelty is not seen anywhere as often as it occurs.

We hope this helps.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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