LettersLetter From Joy Butler Concerning Human-Animal Hybrids - 3 Feb 2005
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Letter From Joy Butler Concerning Human-Animal Hybrids - 3 Feb 2005

Dear Frank and Mary Hoffman,

I've done quite a bit of reading on your website for years and, in fact, recommend it on my own site. I value your opinion very much.

Recently I've heard about something called chimeras and scientific experiments to create human/animal hybrids. This totally confounded me.

Although I don't like the idea as a whole, I wonder if this could cause the general opinion that animals are sort of sublives, to change in the favor of animals.

Will it force people to confront various issues? Such as, when does an animal's life compare in importance to a human's life? And what makes one body human and another not? Or why is one group of cells given more important than another group of cells? And, are we all just reduced to a "group of cells" or is does every life breathe with God's breath?

As I stated earlier, I value your opinion very much and would like to know your stance on this. Thank you so much for the work you do.

Happy Tails,

Joy Butler

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

We've been following the human/animal hybrid situation, which has mostly been done for stem cell research. The reports we have seen said that they killed the embryos after extracting some of the cells.

Our opinion is that this is extremely dangerous, because there is always the chance that someone will be careless and they could cause some really strange life forms an tremendous potential suffering.

Even though the Bible isn't a scientific book. There is a lot of truth, wisdom, and protection in God's creation of everything after it's kind. Every time humans start to play God, we end with us causing some kind of disaster.

Animals are mostly submissive, as are a lot of people, and this can compound the problem. We also doubt that this kind of research will cause the vast majority of people to confront the issues unless there is a disaster, and then it may be too late.

We are also concerned about the long term effect of genetically engineered foods.

We really don't need to do these things. It's all driven by money!

We hope this helps.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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