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Letter from Chris Lioi Concerning Christianity and Our Ministry - 24 Feb 2005


I'm so happy to see the emergence of real Christianity on the Internet. Actually your the 1st organization I have seen that even discusses the perfect love of God in depth. I had no idea how we could actually be just like Jesus until God gave me the motivation to love others as myself. I could not do it. Not until I asked for this perfect love to give to others as Christ did and does. This has changed everything. God is one and all children of God are designed to be this one perfect love.

Do you have a congregation where they actually imitate Christ as well? Do you network or relate to other ministries that also believe in the perfect love John spoke was the major part of being Christian?

Thanks and the blessings of God's Love,

Chris Lioi

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Chris:

Thank you for your encouraging comments. We have more chapters to write on Christian Perfection and hope to get back to them soon.

We've been retired from Church ministry for nearly 8 years, now, but prior to that, the congregation heard our messages. If you want to read some of the sermons, we have some published on our web site. We try to add another one every Sunday morning.

We also network with several other compassion based Christian organization, and are producing a video, "Honoring God's Creation", with Christian Vegetarian Association that should be finalized by the end of winter.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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