LettersLetter from Jim Pryor About Bowhunting - 7 Mar 2005
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Letter from Jim Pryor About Bowhunting - 7 Mar 2005

I was interested in your site when I saw the headlines "Christian Bowhunters are they Christian". I am a pstoer and an avid bowhunter. I want to start by saying that I believe some of what was said is taken out of context in regards to bowhunting. I truly believe that no one enjoys "killing" but rather bowhunters love the art of hunting. I for one do not equate success with the killing of the animal it is a success for me getting into the woods. I read some articles talking about how we do not follow the food laws of the Old Testment that is true because we are no longer under the law for Christ fulfilled the law. I want to you to go back to the book of Genesis 1:28 God gave dominion over the earth (a charge to care for all that God created) that included plants, fish, and all animals. As a result of the fall man was told that he must toil with the ground to bring forth produce. God in Genesis 9:3 gave us everything that lives and moves to be our food again I believe as a result of the fall of man, but God said it. Why would we refuse to partake of what God has provided for us? That is spurning and if you remembering the wanderings in the desert of the Israelites. You will recall the troubles they had when they rebelled against God and his provision. Killing is never right but if we are to partake of what God has provided short of animals walking up to a hunter and dropping dead are slim, how did God intend us to go about this? The point is that the animals we hunt are a gift from God and intended to be used by use for food, clothing, and other things. We are called to be good stewards of the gifts God has given us (1 Cor. 4:2). God has also given us the ability to fulfill our charge to have dominion and to care for the creation and hunting is one of those methods. Are we exercising proper dominion when animals starve to death because of overpopulation? Are we faithful stewards when animals die to disease because of overpopulation? Is it good stewardship of the resources of God when 63,000 deer are killed on the highways in my home state of Pennsylvania a year? Maybe some of you out there should not be so hard on the hunters? Hunting makes great strides in controlling the animal numbers so that some of the above does not happen. We all need to be a little better informed before we start passing judgment on others because God said that the measure we use in judging others will be the same measure God judges us with Mattew 7:1-2.



Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Jim:

Thank you for writing.

The "art of hunting" can be even more challenging with a camera, and no one dies, and the best thing of all, you can get to know the animals and take their pictures over and over again.

There is something very interesting about all the food laws, they all deal with animal flesh and by-products. The original plant based diet was and always will be Kosher, so those who never ate flesh were never under that portion of the Law.

The Law also provides for treating animals with compassion, and today there is no compassion; there is only pain and suffering. This is not something to be thankful for, nor is it what God provided. What we have today comes from greedy human beings.

The meaning of dominion, as you most likely know, is stewardship, and not domination.

As a fellow pastor, I find it strange that you seek "hard" parts of the the Bibles rather than the loving, compassionate, peacemaking examples we are encouraged to follow.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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