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Letter from Kay F. Anderson Concerning our Web Site Ministry - 10 Apr 2005

Dear Frank . . .

My heart is full of profound gratitude and joy for having met you and your inner spirit on the internet.

I am 70 yrs old and doing my work to live with metastatic melanoma, under God's great mercy.

As a poet and sumi'e painter, I started to research "pussy willow," and found you and all of your gentle teaching with helpful and inspiring photos. I'll always see pussy willows as far more that gentle-to-the touch joys! WOW!

It's afternoon and I must get busy, beyond this magnificent understanding you've given me this morning. You have touched my heart and soul with increased understanding and praise for our Creator God!!! Thank you!

You are God-manifest with your work.


Kay F. Anderson

Dear Frank:

I spent much of this morning studying your outstanding and inspirational site about pussy willows. I am intellectually stimulated and spiritually enriched.

God bless you for this excellent opportunity to learn what I never knew for 70 years and more.

I'm a haiku poet and a sumi-e painter, and I'll be creating a new haiku about pussy willows. It will be far beyond the old "aren't they wonderfully silky . . . like kitten feet!"

God be with you, and THANK YOU!

Kay F. Anderson

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Kay:

Thank you for both of your very encouraging emails. We are very thankful that our web site has inspired you.

We would love to read some of you poetry, and see some of your paintings, and perhaps publish some on our web site, if that would be ok. Have you combined your poetry with your painting?

We have found that the more we look into the marvels of one aspect of God's creation, the more we're enlightened to that magnificence in in everything else.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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