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Letter From Sarah Carver with a Question About Painted Turtles - 27 Jun 2005


My name is Sarah Carver and I have a question about what to feed a painted turtle.

I have no idea what to feed it. See me and my brother Seth caught two of them in a lake while we were fishing and we thought they would be cool to have as a pet! So now they are ours. and they are very little well mine is a good size and my brothers is really small they are just babies. And I have no idea what to feed them. So I am asking you for help. If you cant tell me do you think you know anybody that would know what to feed them.

If so can you give me there number or email address so I can email them about it.


Sarah Carver

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Sarah:

These turtles need more than you can provide them in captivity. They will do much better in the wild. Please put them back into the pond and enjoy them in their natural environment. Think of how you world feel if someone took you away from your home and family.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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