LettersLetter from Daja about Food Allergies - 9 Jul 2005
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Letter from Daja about Food Allergies - 9 Jul 2005

I am catching up on email from HealthyLiving4Him. I'd like more information on dairy causing other food allergies. My son (three years old) has a nightshade allergy. No one else in our family does! He can't eat tomatoes, potatoes, peppers or eggplant. If he does he soon develops a horrible and itchy rash beginning on his bottom. He ends up scratching it until he is bleeding! When we eliminated nightshade vegetables it cleared up and he doesn't have any trouble with it!

How would dairy have caused this? And are you referring to all dairy or mainly cow dairy? What about raw milk, organic milk, goat milk, etc.?

I've love more information and some other refrences or resources to check out if you have any! Let me know!!


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Daja:

We have several health articles on our web site that involve the problems with milk and other dairy products, that you might want to read www.all-creatures.org/health.html scroll down the page to Dairy Products.

You might also wish to check out the "Baseline Diet", as milk may also be triggering the other allergic reaction.

When we stopped our consumption of all dairy products and their by-products, our health improved dramatically: our arthritis pains left, our colds, coughs and sore throats are almost not existent. Our grandson (now 16) used to get violently ill with vomiting and migraine headaches. As soon as he eliminated dairy from his diet, all the problems left.

From our research, it appears that about 65% of the world population has a problem properly digesting dairy products or has an allergic reaction. This problem causes small lesions to form in the intestine which allows milk protein to leach into the body. Since it is a foreign protein is can easily begin an auto immune reaction. Additionally since milk can have an exceptionally high content of pus cells, people also consume the toxins that they contain. These problems exist with all milk other than human mother's milk. It seems our bodies are not designed to consume milk after the age of 2 and never the milk of other animals.

We hope this helps as a starter.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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