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From Jackie Lamontagne about Our Web Site and Eating Animals - 21 Jul 2005

I happen to stumble across your website, purely by accident. Now mind you, I don't really believe in what you are going for with the whole not eating meat or not eating meat products, personally I believe that not eating meat would cause a overpopulation of animals (one day I will convince the world to start eating humans also, perhaps to control our population) but I eat organic foods, which is not mistreating the animals, you all should definitely mention that option somewhere on the site. I can understand why people don't eat meat, however so don't label me as anything against you. I agree however with not using leather or fur or testing products or dyes on animals, totally cruel and there is no way that it can be made better for the animals other than stopping it all together (unlike with the consumption of animals). However, I don't quite understand your website. Are you just trying to inform? Or are you trying to gather money to help protect the animals? If you trying to get money, I might make a business tip. There are tons and tons of people who fully believe in animal rights that are atheist. Maybe to help the animals more, you should have less about god and blessing on your site. If you are just trying to inform, tally ho, however it will cause me not to be a frequent visitor to your site, or if you keep it on and you are looking for money, I will never help you because of that. Not because of your religious beliefs, but rather your inclusion of them with animal rights. One really has not much to do with the other.

Just one person's opinion.

Jackie Lamontagne

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Jackie:

Thank you for your comments and questions.

We're not in it for the money. In fact, there aren't any request's for donations on our whole web site. We publish this web site for informational purposes in an effort to help make this a kinder and more gentle world.

We haven't done much with publicizing organic meat production, because we've seen a lot of the same cruelty on some of those farms.

Most farm animals are artificially inseminated, so it's only a myth that eating animals controls the populations. They breed to meet demand.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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