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From E. Edmonds about Eating Animal Products - 31 Jul 2005

I understand why you will not eat meat and I don't disagree with you in principle. However, I don't understand why you will not eat eggs, cheese, milk or any milk products. All of God's creatures should be working together in mutual harmony. That being said, we should all be working to replenish the earth. Since the animals that produce an edible product without sacrificing their own lives cannot plant and till the gardens they give back what they can in the form of eggs and milk. All eggs do not become fowl and all cows that produce milk do not have a young one to feed. Can the non-fertilized eggs and the milk not be considered a gift from these animals in return for your feeding them and protecting them from the slaughterhouse. Taking the daily-laid egg and the daily produced milk does not hurt these animals. Indeed, the cow is in agony if it is not relieved of the milk. How do you explain the vegan stance on this?

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear E.:

Thank you for writing and for your visit to our web site.

We agree with you that all of God's creatures should be working together, but we do not agree that they should be made to suffer, and the vast majority of farmed animals do.

In order for a cow to give milk, she must be made pregnant every year, and all the male calves are taken away from their mothers within two or three days, and they suffer immensely until they are slaughtered for veal. The adult cows suffer, too.

All the mail chicks of laying hens are killed but being thrown into dumpsters to suffocate and starve to death, or the are ground up alive and fed to the laying hens. The hens suffer every moment of every day in their cramped cages.

Please take a look for yourself in our photo journal section or better yet, visit one of these factory farms that produce over 95% of all animal products sold in our markets.

We hope and pray you will change your stance and become more compassionate toward all of God's creatures.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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