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Letter to Promise Keepers from Richard and Maureen DeLorme about Their Cruel Humor - 31 Jul 2005

July 31, 2005

Promise Keepers
P. O. Box 11798
Denver, CO 80211-0798

To Organizers:

My wife and I are writing regarding a media clip shown at our church this morning presenting Promise Keepers’ upcoming event. In this clip, one of the speakers at a past Promise Keepers weekend made some very objectionable attempts at humor with some disgusting comments about “real men and cats”. In his comic skit, he made the remark that he had “no problem with cats as long as they stayed in the middle of the street”, implying that cats were only acceptable as long as they were road kill. Not only is this NOT FUNNY, but killing people’s pets is SICK. Furthermore, this kind of perverted humor perpetuates the myth that “real” men must dislike cats, which leads to indifference to animal cruelty.

If this is your idea of making “godly men” out of attendees you need to reexamine your concepts of God’s standards. Can you imagine Jesus yukking it up with His disciples over His mother Mary’s cat being run over by Roman chariots? And, if you feel this sick fodder was good material, your speaker might find that the “dead baby” jokes of the 1980s would really bring about spiritual maturity in those present.

This was enough to completely discourage me from attending Promise Keepers. I do not find this kind of speaker to be a man of God that I would want to learn from, and certainly I would not even desire this man as my neighbor, since my wife and I have cats whom we cherish, and I would be worried sick about their welfare.

I suggest you review your speakers’ content for animal cruelty before you allow this disgusting material to be spoken across the nation. This does not represent Christians or Christ favorably, and since apparently you are concerned about the mainstream media representing men disparagingly in our society, you should recognize that this disgusting episode hardly presents men in a flattering light.

You might ask yourselves, “Would Jesus find this funny, inspiring, or emulative of His Holy Spirit?”


Richard & Maureen DeLorme

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