LettersLetter from Lauren About Animals Being Vegetarian - 26 Aug 2005
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Letter from Lauren About Animals Being Vegetarian - 26 Aug 2005

Hi... my name is lauren and im 13.

I'm a very strict vegetarian and wont even eat fish.

My family try to persuade me to eat meat ... but I'm not having it!!

I think its cruel that people have no feelings for these poor animal ... they're here to live their life ... just like us!!!

Do you think most people could become vegans? .. well I suppose anything's possible!

I have 9 horses to look after .. and one of my very own... I love her so much my life evolves around her! But she's coming to the end of her life now ... and the one thing that is in my control is what will happen to her when she passes... what should i do?

I think the killing of all these innocent animals should become against the law... I'm hoping to leave school after 6th form (alevels) and then go to university.

I want to have a job protecting against animal cruelty and environmental health... but I'm scared that it would be an upsetting job seeing all the animals suffering etc.

Can you please write back seen as I feel very VERY VERY VERY strongly about this!!!

Thanx ... good luck!


p.s I'm so happy about the banning of the animal testing thing on t.v! xx

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Lauren:

Thank you very much for your letter and compassion.

We work full time at trying to end the cruelty inflicted upon animals, and yes it does bother us very much at times, but never as much as it bothers the animals who suffer every day of their lives. The thing that we need to keep in mind and to ask ourselves is, "How much more suffering would there be if we didn't do what we do?"

When we set the example, as you are doing, it keeps the message in other people's minds, even if they fight against it. The more we expose the truth, the sooner the suffering will end.

Animals have souls and spirits just as we do, and they go to heaven just as we do. Death is all part of our physical lives, as we know it, and when a loved one dies it hurts a lot, but soon the sense of loss is mostly replaced with the joyful memories of our time together, and those memories we can cherish all the days of our earthly life. And, when we die, we will see our loved ones who went on before us.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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