LettersLetter from ZJ about Our Web Site and Animal Exploitation - 31 Aug 2005
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Letter from ZJ about Our Web Site and Animal Exploitation - 31 Aug 2005

I found your web page purely by accedent while searching for a picture of a briain for a semi-tasteless visual joke i was working on. but once I began reading i just couldnt stop.

Like most people should be I was undescribeably discusted by the unhuman torture the apes were subjected to in the "monkey exploitation" section of your page. while disturbing, i didnt find it very intellectually satisfying at all.. but now come to think of it that was probably your goal to begin with, just to gross your meger audence out, so we can just close the page and continue browsing the internet.

But I feel if your undercover agent that took all those photos had recovered more information on what was actually taking place in those pictures would have brought on furter concern rather than just pity.

Most of the captions with the images basicly said the same thing, "animal cruelty is wrong"..."this must stop".. blah blah blah, duh! throwing in that comment about vegitarianism was very misplaced aswell.

Although, I support vegitarians in there compasion, I am a proud carnivore and hunter. It's my personal belief that so long as you eat your prey as you would in nature (not raw of course) but more than just the meat you will not be at any sort of fault.

Heres the part where I would normaly mock vegitarians by proudly declaring all the species, and organs ive eaten. but this is a serious email, and i wish I show you respect, and support your cause. and pretty much what I mean by most of the above is that the images had the unerving effect they were placed there to instill, but (the american public at least) likes to be informed and that the captions should retain more focous on that our primate bretheren are being subjected to tortures only compareable to that excecuted by Dr. Mengle.

Well, good luck in your future endevors.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear ZJ:

Thank you for your email and comments.

At the present time, we're averaging over 140,000 hits/day to our animal exploitation section, which was primarily designed to inform the public about the cruelty being inflicted upon animals. We also have several article section that go into more of the detail of what is happening. Some of these are on our hosted web sites such as www.saenonline.org which has many reports and in-depth articles about the laboratory abuse of primates.

We live in a very violent world, and this violence will never end until we humans begin to change our ways and become true peacemakers. We need to stop trying to justify killing of any kind. We don't need to eat animals to live, in fact, we would be a lot more healthy if we didn't.

To be violent is a matter of choice and not necessity.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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