LettersLetter from Cindy about Christianity and Animals - 1 Sep 2005
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Letter from Cindy about Christianity and Animals - 1 Sep 2005


I grew up without much religion, my family was not very religious, I was sent to Catholic church just to complete what we have to do there to say we are Catholic and because my parents felt it was the right thing to do while we were growing up, to have some sort of religion.

But that was basically it, I just believe that there is a God, and that he is way nicer then what most religions state he is, I just know he has to be.

But I met someone who lives in the Deep South of the United States, and I am in the Upper Northern part of the United States, he is very much a Christian and I am really not practicing anything, My kids have never been to church, so when he told me he was a Christian and that I would be moving with a nice guy who goes to church, and loves kids, I was really happy, then He told me, that when it comes to animals I need to keep quiet when it comes to anything I might hear with his family or any other Christian who talks about killing them and so on.  As far as he is concerned they are dust, nothing, I think he really feels they have no feelings at all, how can anyone say that, don't they see ... that they eat, drink, sleep, have babies, and so many animals in this world have saved humans from death, or harm, out of love, there are so many animals who have done amazing things, for their family's, just because they care. Now how can something that you feel has no feelings or emotions, go in harms way to save you, to help you, and some have given up their lives to save People.

I don't understand why Christians can be this way, how can you call yourself a loving person, if you take something weaker then you, that can look into your eyes, and feel the pain you are putting on them, and still love you and forgive you every time, and then say they are nothing.

I am so upset with this whole thing, but I thought at first this Religion is a joke, but then I realized its not the Religion that is a Joke its the people who are twisting the words around and have been for soooo long that no one is willing to really read that bible and see that god talks about animals having souls.

It's so simple , yet why don't they get it, and how can you call yourselves good kind loving people, if you have no feeling toward those creatures who depend on you to take care of them, i really don't think that GOD would like the stuff that's going on to animals.

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Cindy:

Thank you very much for your letter.

The problems you are facing with most Christians is very real, and it's one of the main reasons that we retired from church ministry to concentrate on our web site ministry.

We believe that some of the problem is blindness or perhaps some ignorance of the true facts, but when these people are shown the truth, most of them refuse to change, which leads us to believe that the core of the problem is hardness of heart. This is even true of the vast majority of clergy, which is the main reason that most church goers don't chance, or unfortunately, even become harder.

The fact that your boy friend said the things he said is proof, to us, that he really knows the truth, but like most so-called Christians, he refuses to become more compassionate. Unfortunately, a person like this would make a sensitive person like you miserable.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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