LettersLetter from Cindy about Christian Hardness of Heart - 2 Sep 2005
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Letter from Cindy about Christian Hardness of Heart - 2 Sep 2005


I think deep down he [my boyfriend] must feel that they [animals] have at least feelings, I don't know, but when I read to him the part about ALL THINGS WILL RISE UP and so on, he said where did it say animals, I said to him, well it didn't say all humans, all mankind, all man and woman, it said all things, was God calling us things, or was he trying to say, all living things, including animals, its so basic, yet who twisted this anyway.

I just read the verses and its right there in black and white.. Where did this thing come about where they are so hard on animals having souls, and for argument sake ... if animals did not have souls... why treat them so mean, if you are a good person , you wouldn't do that anyway, cause its not in your heart to be mean, to anything.. I know its not in my heart to hurt innocent animals. What I am saying is, most serial killers started out by killing and torturing animals... that said, it's because they enjoy hurting innocent creatures...who can't help themselves , and are weak, that right there is proof to me, that it's evil to do these things.

If you could help me somehow, that I could show your email to him, what would you write to him, to prove to him that if you read those parts in the bible, that animals are a big part of Gods love, and that they do have souls, or deserve to be treated with kindness, and love.

How can you put this to him, to maybe make him think , maybe there is more to this then what i am thinking.

Thanks for any help

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Cindy:

The things you have said are fairly much what we would say, too.

Our son-in-law says very similar things to what your boy friend says, and we haven't been able to reach him for over 20 years.

There's something in the nature of some people that just doesn't want to admit the truth about animals having souls and spirits, and deserving of having a peaceful life free of human cruelty and exploitation. They will constantly argue and twist Biblical intent to exclude the animal issues.

All we can do is lovingly present and live the truth before them, and pray that the Holy Spirit will touch them in some way that will soften their hearts.

There just doesn't seem to be any simple way to change a person's way of thinking who doesn't have an open and teachable spirit.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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