LettersLetter from Cappy about Heifer International - 20 Sep 2005
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Letter from Cappy about Heifer International - 20 Sep 2005

Re: Heifer Project International: A Critique

I was rather shocked to read your angry article criticizing the Heifer Project International. I can only assume that you are Vegans and against "factory farming".

Heifer is not encouraging, nor condoning "Factory Farming". Also, many of the animals they give are "sustainable" - they provide wool, or eggs. And, Heifer also gives plants. Some to help with erosion, and others to create crops that will survive in specific climatic conditions. They encourage good growing habits that will not deplete the land, nor "poison" edible foods.

As rabid as your article sounds, I doubt very much that my input will have any effect. The eating of animals exists world wide. The giving of animals to impoverished nations is not just done by Heifer, but by many other Charitable organizations.

As for Vets, I have no answer. But it is my understanding that the animals and plants are not just handed out but given along with training. Perhaps you might want to move to an area that can not sustain crops, but can sustain small animals. See how well you do - -

Cappy in Chicago

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Cappy:

Thank you very much for writing. We were not aware that HPI also encouraged plant agriculture. We have seen nothing about it in their promotional literature.

We have also talked to missionaries who are in some of the areas where animal agriculture was introduced, and we told that with the animals they also began to have an increase in illness and disease.

Organizations such as HIPPO have shown people how to grow crops in places where they didn't think they would grow, and they produced more food (caloric value) with the plant foods than they had with animals.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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