LettersLetter from Brook about Our Web Site and Kindness to Animals - 16 Oct 2005
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Letter from Brook about Our Web Site and Kindness to Animals - 16 Oct 2005

Hello there!

I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled across your site as I was doing a search about the adorable spicebush swallowtail caterpillar, with the smile and their tiny eyes! :-)

I am a pretty big animal lover too, and am sensitive over animals not being hurt also (just like I am with humans as well, I am just sensitive! That's how the Lord made me! :)) That's why I have this hilarious kitty (that I still haven't thought of a name for after a year and a 1/2 of having her) who brings me a lot of laughs and enjoyment, at times.

Just wanted to let you know that I love the stories and pictures! They are so cute and funny! I've always loved animals and so can appreciate and love those stories.

I believe God made animals, even all the way down to insects and small things, just perfect and just right to serve the purpose they are made for, which may among other things be enriching our lives with laughter and making us better people and teaching us lessons! They are just too intelligent and clever for that not to be the case! :)

So anyway my point is, great job on the website! I will pray that your site will continue to reach and change the minds of people who are mean to animals or kill them, for dumb selfish reasons that we would NEVER use to justify such actions on ourselves.

Thanks for reading my verbose soapbox! :-)

God bless, your bro in Christ


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Brook:

We love your soap box, and your attitude of kindness toward the whole of God's creation. We also very much appreciate your encouraging comments and prayers.

From reading your comments, it seems that your kitty is bringing "Joy" to your life.

We'd be very interested in publishing a story and photos of you kitty, including her humorous antics. If you'd like to write such a story, please let us know.

We have several spice bushes, but rarely see the spice bush swallow caterpillars, perhaps it because they're mostly nocturnal.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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