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Letter from Kate Harker about Factory Farming and Eating Animals - 16 Oct 2005


I am 100% with you regarding the evils of factory farming. However, rather than arguing that factory farms must be stopped, you argue that meat eating must be stopped. I don't agree that our only recourse is going vegan. Another option is to eat animals which you have humanely raised yourself, or to purchase animals from small family farms which treat their animals with respect.

If you would be vegan regardless of how farm animals were treated, then that is your choice, but it is somewhat dishonorable in my opinion to try to convert others to veganism by suggesting that their only source of meat is the factory farm.

Thanks for letting me put my two cents in. Great web site!

Kate Harker

Camas, WA

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Kate:

Thank you very much for your letter and comments.

Probably we never would have started our animal exploitation sections of our web site if farmed animals were treated as compassionately as you suggest.

Unfortunately, more than 95% of all animal products sold in the markets today come from factory farms. We, and others have also investigated some small family farms and have seem much of the same cruelty. Also many of these family farms send their animals to the same cruel slaughterhouses as the others are sent.

Since very few people have the opportunity to inspect the farms and know which are truly humane, we've had to take the stance that the only viable way to end the cruelty is to not buy animal products, which requires living a vegan lifestyle.

We hope this helps explain our position.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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