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Letter from Allie Concerning Animal Cruelty - 21 Oct 2005


My name is Allie I would like to let anyone who cares about the world and animals to know that there is something among us that is plain evil. We call this animal cruelty.

Today there are many experiments going on that are just not humane, such as monkeys being put through pain tests and brain experiments!

Even though I am only 14 I know I can make a difference, that's by letting you know you also can do something. Tell people about what is going on in this world. Animals should not be treated like this. Animals were made by God and they are God's creatures, I don't think He would want his creation to be suffering without being able to stand up for themselves. We need to be there voice and they're hope!

Trust in your heart and HELP THE ANIMALS!

Allie M. 2005

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Allie:

Thank you very much for your open letter to everyone on the Internet.

In the love of the Lord

Frank and Mary

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