LettersLetter from Judi Hewitt about Hunting with Dogs - 4 Nov 2005
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Letter from Judi Hewitt about Hunting with Dogs - 4 Nov 2005

Hi All,

Please send your own condemnation to Radio 2's DJ Johnny Walker - re his interview with Country Pursuits write Max Hastings. Tell him the ban on hunting with dogs is workable despite his and Hastings remarks to the contrary. Also tell him that the ban has nothing to do with hatred of the class system, but has everything to do with cruelty.


Dear Johnny ,

You are obviously a hunt supporter, otherwise why sound so sympathetic with your guest Max Hastings - writer of a country pursuits book.

Have you ever seen and heard a fox being killed by a pack of dogs, or seen one shot and maimed and finished off by the dogs, after her terrified cubs had been systematically thrown to the dogs? I HAVE JOHNNY, and it has ruined my life!!!!!!! I get flash backs, can't sleep, and feel so full of hate I can't get back to that carefree person I used to be.

Have you ever seen a pheasant shot out of the sky and seen its feathers disperse like a shower of rain? I have and it upset me!

Your guests remarks that foxes are vermin were quite wrong. How can anyone call a fox vermin when it is territorial and only on heat for around three days in any given year. That's far less than a dog or cat, or rats and mice which breed prolifically. Out of an entire family of vixens, only one will mate with the dog fox, so how can they possibly be classed as vermin!

People like Mr Hastings only know how to catch and kill their prey, they seem to know very little about the animals themselves, otherwise they might think twice before opening their ignorant mouths.

As for predation of lambs, according to a couple of farmers I've spoken to, they have no problem with foxes, and tell me a healthy ewe is more than a match for a hungry fox. Plus they view foxes as beneficial in that they keep the real pest species down. There - you've learned something, assuming you're even bothered to read this email. But don't worry, there will plenty of other people who will!

My only hope is that the ban stays (which is workable - if only those cruel thugs would abide by the law).

You can invite all the ignorant vermin you like on to your show, to try to destroy Labour's credibility - and therefore the ban! But I believe the only reason Labour is under such attack is because of the ban on hunting with dogs.

Oh - I don't doubt that many people have been turned off Labour because of the Iraq war. But you and your guest Mr Hastings seem to have forgotten that the Tories would have done exactly the same, and in fact gave their support for the war!

Incidentally, the ban on a barbaric sport has absolutely nothing to do with the so called ruling classes, but everything to do with cruelty. ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!!!

Your soft approach to Mr Hastings with his outdated remarks came as a blow to me and my family. I thought better of you! It just goes to show how wrong you can be about someone! My family and I will not now be listening to a show we have enjoyed for many years. You can rest assured I will be forwarding this email to everyone in my address book to boycott you show.

Your in disgust,


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