LettersLetter from Yanny Concerning Our Web Site, Recipes, and Health - 28 Dec 2005
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Letter from Yanny Concerning Our Web Site, Recipes, and Health - 28 Dec 2005


I am so happy I found your website. As a child we were extremely poor living in south Texas. Raised on rice, pinto beans, zuchs, squash, watermelon, sweet potato and everything was healthful. I remember being called the poor kid in school and that I still remember was painful. Little did I realize my mother may have been poor but we were healthy kids without running noses and or ear and intestinal problems. WE never missed school or threw away any food. WE raised goats and milked them not cows. How those goats chased us. Great childhood.

Kids laughed at us(my siblings and I) when we opened our lunch boxes with a sweet potato, a Texas giant peach, an avocado, sunflower seeds and drank chamomile tea cause we couldn't even afford the milk. They thought we couldn't afford the white bread and processed meats they were eating. Ha. who needed it.

Now I need help because I don't know it all. I need to help a friends daughter who has candida and has to stay away from sugar, yeast, fruits. She thinks her life is over. yet I told her it has just begun. SHe will be healthier for it.

Do you have any recipes that eliminate these items. I do use raw honey in my cooking and different kinds of flours like quinoa, potato, tapicoa, brown rice flour, therefore, I cannot help her to re adapt my recipes to substitute the honey or natural sugar I use.

So many of the recipes either require fruit juices. or raw fruit in order to bring some taste. I think her pallet is hung up on sugary tasting expectations.

After six weeks when she clears her candida condition, and finds out what she is allergic to, she can reintroduce many foods back. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Yanny:

Thank you very much for you letter and background story.

In our health section, we have references to several vegan doctors who might be able to help with some diet selection for candida sufferers. We also have a baseline dies which should be of help under diagnosis. Sorry we don't have anything specific about candida.

Many of our recipe should fit into your friend's diet, or can be modified.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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