LettersLetter from Jamie about Hunting and Loving Animals - 13 Feb 2006
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Letter from Jamie about Hunting and Loving Animals - 13 Feb 2006

I don't like to see any animals being mistreated or torchered I have a dog and a cat that gets treated like gold but I'm not a vegetarian I will never be a vegetarian I am a hunter but I don't kill anything I'm not going to eat I don't like to be looked at any different because I hunt and eat meet especially by someone standing in front of me with $350 leather coat telling me not to hunt I'm a hunter and a meat eater I always will be but I'm still an animal lover.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Jamie:

Thank you for writing, and we agree it would be hypocritical to be wearing leather and asking someone else not to hunt, but we, and the people we work with don't eat, wear, or use any animal projects, and as far as is humanly possible, we seek to do no harm to any living being.

Now, don't you think that you are being hypocritical when you say that you love animals, and at the same time you hunt? Aren't you limiting your love, to your cat and dog, and perhaps some others. That's not really loving animals, is it?

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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