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Letter from Jenny Moxham about Sheep Slaughter - 18 Feb 2006

Dear Mary and Frank,

I was just looking at your website and discovered that WONDERFUL 'joyful curmudgeon' you wrote about me! How very kind of you to say all those lovely things. I know I'm definitely not a hero but you two definitely are. Your website has such a wealth of excellent information in it. You really are amazing to do what you do.

I was looking at your graphic photos of mulesing and of ritual sheep slaughter and am so glad that you have them up there for everyone to see and read. I sent this letter (below) off to the papers this week. Reading over your webpage, I realize my letter doesn't paint a grizzly enough picture of the true horror of ritual slaughter.

"How would you react if our government decided to permit and encourage the export of 'man's best friend' for torturing and selling in Korea's dog meat markets, simply because it was 'healthy' for the economy?

I'm sure the majority of you would be outraged and demand the trade be banned immediately .

Well, this week, with the blessing of the Australian government, 73,000 Australian sheep were crammed aboard the Al Messilah, bound for Kuwait and torture by ritual slaughter (the throat of the fully conscious animal is sawn through several times with a back and forth motion then he is left to slowly choke to death in his own blood) simply because live export is 'healthy' for the economy.

These gentle and intelligent animals will endure the same fear and agony as dogs, or humans for that matter, so to subject them to this unimaginable terror and suffering purely for monetary gain is reprehensible.

Unless we strongly voice our opposition to this trade now, who knows which animal will be the next victim of our governments greed."

I also looked at a recent 'curmudgeon' of yours about cow's milk. I was thinking about cow's milk myself on Friday and wrote down this question one could ask those who drink it.

Have you heard of a race that enslaves young females, subjects them to continual forced pregnancies then kills their newly born babies so they can extract and consume the lactating mothers mammary secretions?

It's called the human race.

Best wishes and thanks to you both,

Jenny Moxham

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Jenny:

You're very welcome! But what we wrote was true and doesn't deserve any thanks. We're just here to help others do what they do best, as your letter and question are examples.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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