LettersLetter from Bob Muth about Local Media Glorifying Montana Fur Trapping - 26 Mar 2006
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Letter from Bob Muth about Local Media Glorifying Montana Fur Trapping - 26 Mar 2006

 Hi All,

As usual on Sunday mornings, I got up early today and walked up to the mail/paper box with Nahanni (our yellow Lab) and Sam (our Border Collie cross). Our mail box up on Foothills Rd. is a quarter of mile from our house, and we usually stretch out the time to include investigating any new tracks crossing the lane and checking out the feathered spring arrivals. It is an enjoyable time with the dogs before the rush of the day. But this morning was different. I opened the Inter Lake at the box and glanced at the front page. In a full color, half-page photo, a local trapper was smiling as he removed a frozen and battered pine martin from a trap. Under the photo was the caption: "I'm happy as a clam when I'm on the trail," Pierce says. I actually felt sick on the way back to the house. But it got worse. In the Montana Life section of the Inter lake there was a three page, in depth story glorifying and romanticizing trapping. More sick quotes: "...everyday on the trapline is like Christmas to a trapper. You never know what present you're gonna get." There is much in the article that defies understanding.

You can view it here: http://www.dailyinterlake.com/articles/2006/03/26/news/news01.txt

 I hope good people will deluge the Inter Lake with letters protesting their callous disregard for (and abetting) the suffering of defenseless, sentient beings we share the planet with.

Letters can be sent to:

The Daily Inter Lake Box 7610 Kalispell, Montana 59904

or by email to: [email protected] 

Please cross post this notice to any persons or groups that might write letters.

Bob Muth

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Bob:

Thank you for sending this. We'll put it to good use.

Some people are really sick, and the news media jumps right in and glorifies their actions.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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