LettersLetter from Kathy Glasgow about Christianity and Meat Consumption - 27 May 2006
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Letter from Kathy Glasgow about Christianity and Meat Consumption - 27 May 2006

I am truly blessed to have found your website. It is rare to find fellow Christians that are also animal activists. I have written a cookbook for my church and have spoken out against eating pork. Thanks again for your stand and your bold defense of the Christian-Vegan lifestyle. I know that Jesus was a Savior of compassion and could not have eaten much meat. And because I want to be like my Savior, I must speak out against the cruel treatment of His creation. Do you know about the book by Dr. Don Colbert, What Did Jesus Eat? What do you think of his argument that Jesus ate meat? Nice to visit with you and again thanks for you work. Sincerely, Kathy Glasgow M.S.

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Kathy:

Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging words.

There is really no way to absolutely prove whether or not Jesus ate meat. The only place in the Bible that says that he may have eaten flesh, is in Luke after His resurrection, when He was offered a piece of broiled fish; the Greek says that He was offered a piece of broiled fish and honey comb, and He ate "it", but we're not told which. In other ancient texts we are told that James, the brother of Jesus, was vegetarian, as were many Jews and early Christians at that time.

However, your conclusion is the best way to look at this issue. Jesus, being a compassionate peacemaker, would not contribute the mistreatments of animals, and would not have eaten the products of such abuse.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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