LettersLetter from Mercedes about How to Effectively Handle Classmate Criticism - 26 Jun 2006
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Letter from Mercedes about How to Effectively Handle Classmate Criticism - 26 Jun 2006

Dear Frank and Mary,

I wrote a letter a while ago telling you that I am a vegetarian and am proud of your site. Now I have a question:

How can I make my fellow classmates at school realize that animals were never meant to be killed and slaughtered?

They tease me for that and I know your response would likely be that they feel guilty over their actions. But, they are not educated on what happens nor do they take interest in Christianity or Bible verses. So I need something that will help them.

How can I show them that cruelty does go on at slaughterhouses, that meat is not healthy, and that animals do feel pain? I think I'd get in serious trouble if I showed images of animals in the slaughterhouse and how they're killed.

Please help! I just want to show them the truth and make them stop ridiculing me over a good, thoughtful decision.

Thank you for reading, please help.

Mercedes K.

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Mercedes:

Itís nice to hear from you again. And yes, kids can be cruel, but so can adults.

Itís not so much what you say that makes the best impression; itís who you are and how well you look, and how well you live the lifestyle you advocate.

As a health example, weíve had only two minor colds in the past 18 years, and take no medications.

Allow you audience to bring up the subjects and respond to them in a polite and peaceful way. Have some photos with you to show them, or refer them to our web site, or specific sections of it. Itís extremely difficult to force an issue on anyone. They have to want to change, as you did.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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