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Letter from Jenny Moxham about the Environment and Animal Farming - 22 Jul 2006

Good environmental article! ....

I was pleased to get this letter published in the Ballarat paper last week.

Why the big fuss about eliminating plastic bags from our shops ( Free plastic bags to be banned 18/7) when there is a far bigger threat to our planet.

I'm talking about animal farming. Producing meat requires millions of litres of water, masses of high quality protein foods that could be eaten directly by starving people, it causes the destruction of forests at an alarming rate and causes massive pollution.

With water scarcity in the news of late, the fact that it requires a mind-boggling 50,000-100,000 litres to produce a mere kilogram of beef should be of major concern

Why is it it that we haven't yet heard calls from the government to help save the planet by reducing our meat intake?


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