LettersLetter from D about Heaven, Hell, and Animal Cruelty - 26 Jul 2006
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Letter from D about Heaven, Hell, and Animal Cruelty - 26 Jul 2006

I want to know what you think will happen to all of the heartless low lives that hurt these poor innocent, beautiful animals? Will they go to heaven or hell?

I watch things on PETA and I feel so bad for the animals. When I share this with other people, they tell me that it's just the extreme footage and doesn't happen everywhere.  Is this true?

Through the PETA web site, there was footage of a pig being tortured. He was beaten, shot and his throat was cut numerous times. He had his leg sawed off and skinned while he was still alive. People were also laughing.

I'm so horrified that there are people that can do that.

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

We believe that all people will have to answer to God. If they knowingly and willfully cause the pain and suffering of other animals, then they have to answer for that. And we wouldnít want to be in the shoes of those who mock and laugh at otherís suffering.

Unfortunately, most the atrocities that we and PETA have on our web sites are the more commonplace, and we donít always see the worst things.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary


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