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Letter from Jenny Moxham about Ending the Eating of Animals - 29 Jul 2006

Dear Mary and Frank,

BY using the info from your environment article (last week) I succeeded in getting a letter published in today's Sunday Age ( I've only succeeded in getting into this paper on a few occasions) (see below)

Food for thought

Why the big fuss about plastic bag reduction (23/7)?

There is a lot more you can do for the environment, simply by not putting certain foods in your mouth.

Steve Boyan, PhD, retired political science professor from University of Maryland in the United States, has recently had two books published on environmental issues. This is what he tells us to do. Don't eat animals.

Up to 100,000 litres of water would be saved for every kilogram of meat you avoid. By not eating animals you would help reduce pollution in our rivers.

You would also help reduce the destruction of topsoil, reduce the destruction of tropical forest and the production of carbon dioxide. Your average car produces three kilograms a day of CO2. To clear rainforest to produce beef for one hamburger produces 75 kilograms of CO2. Eating half a kilo of hamburger does the same damage as driving your car for more than three weeks.

You would also help reduce the amount of methane gas produced, reduce the destruction of wildlife habitat, and help to save endangered species.


I also had this egg letter in last weeks Sunday Sun ...slightly altered.

To Letters to the Editor

There's no excuse whatsoever for subjecting hens to a lifetime of severe deprivation and misery in battery cages. (Hen plan eggs on prices, 19/7)

For a start, nobody needs to eat eggs. Birds eggs are not intended for human consumption, they are intended to be the beginnings of a baby bird.

Stop eating eggs and you'll have a healthier body. If you insist on eating them, free-range are the only ones that could be considered remotely humane.

Half of all chicks bred by the egg industry ... the unwanted males ... are cruelly blenderized, suffocated or gassed, and even free range hens meet the same premature, gruesome and terrifying fate as there battery sisters.


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