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Letter from Michelle Kishida about Discussing Animal Cruelty in Other Countries - 29 Jul 2006

I am writing to applaud your efforts into bringing awareness to the horrible treatment of these innocent animals.

I just have one small complaint. I found it quite offensive as your site has ‘pointed the finger’ to certain countries who are contributing to the malicious treatment of animals. I am aware that primarily all Asian countries are guilty of slaughtering and eating these animals, but I also fear that ignorance and racism could break out rather than an act to save these animals. Perhaps if you kept it more broad, that is – instead of mentioning the country Japan, you could refer to it as ‘Scientists’ or ‘Fisherman’ from Asia – this might reduce the racial tension.

Please let me know of what you think.

Kind regards,

Michelle Kishida

Also, I would like to know of more ways to get involved in stopping this injustice – please let me know of any techniques and or ideas

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Michelle:

Thank you very much for writing.

We have tried to express as accurately as possible the problems and sources of the problems leading to the injustice of animal abuse. As an example, we equally take on the Australian practice of mulesing. This also ties into your question of how to end the injustice, and one of the best ways is to expose the truth to as many people as we possibly can, and to encourage others to do the same and to write letters in a united effort to end the injustice and to give animals the legal rights not to be subjected to human exploitation.

We need to funnel out talents into doing whatever we can.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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