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Letter from Violet Kanda about Animal Rights and Liberation - 30 Jul 2006

Dear Frank:

Thank you for your reply and God bless your wonderful website of

Yes, I am going to keep up with my mission to reach out to people for Justice knowing that sometimes I have a very hard time to get rid of my hate toward cold blooded people who keep posting messages to anger me.

The main problem of meat/dairy/egg lovers is it is very hard for them to break habit because they start eating these animal products from infancy but when these people are informed about life long torture and death of farm animals in horror of meat processing plant, I have very hard time to understand people who still continue to consume animal products.

I think it is very important for us to focusing on courageous heroes in the Animal Rights movement who gave up everything for animals to keep our hope.

These heroes refresh my mind and comfort me greatly after I read many messages of cold blooded barbarians.

Violet Kanda

See: Letter from Violet Kanda about Humans and the Hardness of Heart - 29 Jul 2006

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