LettersLetter From Brenden about Hunters Enjoying the Suffering of Animals - 25 Aug 2006
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Letter From Brenden about Hunters Enjoying the Suffering of Animals - 25 Aug 2006

Dear Frank and Mary,

I was so horrified by your report of a man proudly talking about his son making a video of himself torturing a bear to death. I was wondering if you tried to do anything about it, You could have asked him for a recorded copy of the video, and gotten his son's name and address, so that maybe you could have sent the video in to see if you could get an animal cruelty charge on him. Although there is no such thing as ethical hunting, they at least have protocols and usually have ethical standards to encourage hunters to make some attempt to reduce suffering, and making a tape like that is obvious gratuituos sadistic torture, which I'm sure must be illegal, even with wild animals. So why didn't you try to get a copy of the videotape, and if you couldn't use it as evidence to prosecute that sick son of a bitch, you could have at least posted it on your site in your 'animal exploitation' section to show the world what our government allows people to do.

...personally, I would have liked to have hunted that man down with a 44 magnum and blown his brains out, but I guess that wouldn't have done much good, as no one is of much use in helping wildlife while stuck in prison for the rest of their life. But it sucks that we live in a world where we have to live around thousands of other horrible, wicked humans (undeserving of life) and live around them everday and look them in the face knowing the fact that they commit these horrible crimes and get away with them all the time and everyone accepts it and we just have to accept it as well, and can't stop them or take personal justice on them.

I'm fed up with all these people getting away with these abominable crimes everyday, and I wish there was something I could do to help bring them to justice and pay them back for what they did.

I was wondering what you think about organizations such as ALF and their "direct" activism, and about how the government and FBI is scapegoating them as the #1 domestic terrorist threat in America while they have not yet caused a single death, and though their methods are destructive of property, it never harms people, not to be sacriligeous but I can't help but see a juxtaposition between what ALF does and what Jesus did freeing the doves from the moneychangers at the temple.

...Isn't it strange how the FBI is pressing all this blame and fear on ALF while serious threats such as violent gangs, islamic extremist terrorist cells, drug dealers and abortion activists have killed thousands of people are not even focused on as the most serious domestic threats in the country right now?. Do you think Satan is prolific in our very government and causing them to target the innocent good-intentioned people that are just trying to save and protect God's most innocent and helpless, yet most suffering, tortured children? Doesn't this remind you of when Pontus Pilate allowed the satan-driven crowd to choose, and they chose to free the murderer and sentence Jesus Christ? No... I'm not comparing ALF to Jesus, all I'm saying is that ALF is not a violent or seriously dangerous group, they've never killed anyone, and yet the government thinks they're a #1 domestic terrorist threat.

...I know they're controversial, but they're not violent like the government labels them to be, once again they've never killed anyone, and though it wants to turn the world against them they can't undermine them because they're not an organization with meetings or organizers, more like a culture and a standard for individuals to act upon in their own areas.

I know, this all sounds scary and extreme, and I don't really seriously feel this way or support everything ALF does, but I have been getting very angry and upset and can't control my emotions about the way animals are treated anymore. I wrote a very disturbing article about a possible guerilla war animal rights activists could declare upon animal abusers. However, it's not really as disturbing as you might think. I do not speak in support of violence, but against it.

If you care to read it, here it is:

Think about the abolitionist movement predating the civil war, for decades before the war's first skirmishes slavery was a very divided, powerfully controversial issue that many were passionately opposed to. At first, abolitionists were few, very shy and afraid to openly express their disdain and opposition to slavery, but as the years wore on and more and more people's eyes were opened to the cruelty and unfairness of slavery the movement grew, especially with the formation of many abolitionist organizations, and the publication of writings such as the best-selling "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and anti-slavery sentiment spread that made the slaveholders very insecure and aggressively defensive of their evil institution. I think this may be about the point where we're at right now when it comes to animal rights, some people are just beginning to wake up to the nightmare of animal suffering, while others still religiously defend the practice of cruelty, because of some avaricious, self-serving or sadistic dependence upon it.

...So what comes next, both then and now?

...Let's hope events don't unfold the same for our time scenario as they did in pre-civil war times, because this is what happened next back then...

Eventually, a dispute erupted in Kansas where settlers were divided on the issue of allowing or not allowing slavery int he territory, and a corrupt (and very fearful) government rigged the election to make the territory pro-slavery. ...Protest and unrestfullness began to escalate and become more out of control.

Just like today as animal abusers to to anyone associated with animal rights, slaveholders and racists would mock and ridicule abolitionists, and taunt and jeer about their atrocities and use references such as the bible to defend their institution under the doctrine that black people were an inferior subhuman race intended by God for the white man to enslave.

In May of 1856, 700 proslavery thugs entered a free-state town of Lawrence and ramsacked and burned the place down in a malicious politically driven attack.

Even though there was only one casualty resulting from their attack, the response from the antislavery abolitionists was strong. Several of them decided they'd had enough and cracked. Two days after the "sack of Lawrence" The fanatical, mentally unstable abolitionist John Brown and a small group of men entered the pro-slavery settlement of Pottawatomie Creek and dragged five men out of their houses and hacked them to pieces right in front of their screaming wives and children. A Guerilla war erupted in the territory that spelled the earliest violent conflicts that eventually spread across the entire nation as the Civil War.

...why did it take a huge war back then to liberate an oppressed people from cruelty and subordination, and not just peaceful advocacy and protest? ...I don't know, I don't have the answers to that.

I do hope, though, that animal advocates today can liberate animals with nonviolence, but I don't know how much longer some animal rights activists will tolerate animal tormentors going about their business shamelessly hurting animals right in front of them, and then taunting everyone about their perfectly legal atrocities and rubbing their bloody hands in people's faces all the way.

...But they are doing a good job. So far most animal rights activists have never resorted to violence, and by far almost all animal rights activists do not support using violence or aggressiveness of any sort, including me.

...Already, however, hunters and many other direct animal abusers have harrassed and been violent towards animal rights protestors, especially in Europe, where nonviolent "hunt sabs" have been shot at, savagely bludgeoned and beaten, even murdered by hunters. ...and yet so far animal activists still try to keep a straight face and remain peaceful in their protest, but for how much longer? How much can they put up with? What if nothing works and no one takes them seriously and their well-mannered attempts at liberating animals all end in vain? How many more taunts, insults, bludgeoning, beatings, arrests, imprisonments and murders can they tolerate still turning the other cheek in return?

...Will people in the most extreme fringes of the animal rights movement eventually crack and resort to extreme violence to fight against animal cruelty? And where will they draw the line? Will a second civil war have to be eventually fought to finally free the animals once and for all?

...As of yet such a thing is not feasable at all. Nearing the civil War there was a huge divide amongst the people, containing a huge mass openly opposed to slavery. Unfortunately, animal rights movement doesn't have nearly the same major following. Animal rights is still seen by many to be a bit on the extreme, and most people benefit way too much from animal suffering, and are too convinced by corporate propaganda and by their own avarice to support it, not because they morally support the suffering, but because they don't want to give up what they see as luxuries, commodities and certain rights of their own, eating meat, animal products, etc.

...Let's speculate that one day in the future, sometime within the next few decades, say a few activists are pushed over the edge of sane civilized reasoning, and a bloody guerilla war were ensues, consisting of a series of small scale organized attacks from militant animal rights activists targeting prime animal abusers in violent, bloody attacks... This would of course no doubt be put to an end quickly by government troops being sent in to take hostile action against them. ...If such a scenario occurred, How many people would rise up in support of those animal rights 'martyrs' killed in battle, or at least sympathize with them and be disgusted by the government's actions against them? In time, would support grow for their movement, giving some hope for an eventual end to bloodshed and an end to mankind's oppression of nonhumans?

I seriously doubt it... no doubt news sensationalism fueled by our paranoid terrorist-fearing culture would be entirely against them and label them as extreme terrorists, and enemies of America, easily turning all of society against them by telling the populous that they threaten everyone's way of life, the right to eat a cheeseburger, drink milk, etc, labeling them as the exact same terrorists as the islamo-fascists in the middle east.

This would entirely take people's minds off of the true suffering and abuse of animals behind it all that the enraged, pushed-over-the-edge animal activists were really focused on fighting against, and undo everything they were originally trying to work for through their compassion for animals. Peaceful animal rights activists everywhere would suffer violent attacks from yahoos taking out their bigoted hatred on them.

...Eventually those people and everyone in their cause would simply be crushed and humiliated by the same hateful hand of Western society in the same fashion as the billions of animals whose justice they fought for. Dealt a fatal blow in its reputation, now seen by most as a dangerous teorristic idealogy, the animal rights movement would possibly be destroyed altogether, and animals and people would continue to suffer horribly. Humans would learn nothing about respecting the Earth or life, and society's depraved and bottomless appetite for instant self-gratification and greedy selfish desires at others' expense would continue to rape the Earth and its ecosystems and lifeforms, not forever, but only until it caused a global ecological catastrophe and mass extinction, wiping out both humankind and most all complex life in the end.

Violence can't be the answer... It has to be avoided at all costs... Love your enemies, be cool like Ghandi, all that stuff, through kind, compassionate activism people will see the cruelty and work to put an end to it, no matter how aggressively or violently animal abusers fight back, it will only make it worse for them and they will be defeated faster.

...I think alot of the same moral values taught by Christ should be applied in animal rights activism, because they will work. Even taking too much pride in veganism and laying guilt trips upon people for not being vegetarian should be discouraged, because that obviously just irritates people by guilt, making them mad and causing them to lash back out at you. Instead be polite and humble in your vegatarian lifestyle and shine as an example of a healthier, guilt-free human being, and just that should in time make a difference. I've heard lots of nonveg people complain

"Don't you just hate vegetarians that think they're so much better than you?" ...why do you think they feel that way? anyway, I'm really going off on a limb, but you get the jist... make friends, not war.


"I am very clever king... I am super-genius... I am robot king of the monkey things... compute... compute..." --King Julian XIII

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