LettersBenefits of Veganism by Jenny Moxham - 16 Oct 2006
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Benefits of Veganism by Jenny Moxham - 16 Oct 2006

Letter to the Editor: 

If you could improve your health, help alleviate world hunger, reduce animal abuse, reduce global warming and environmental damage and save hundreds of thousands of litres of water, simply by refraining from doing one simple thing ...would you?

Well, simply by refraining from buying animal products you can achieve all this.

Today, more and more people are realizing that choosing to be vegan is far more than a mere 'dietary choice'. It is about rescuing the planet from destruction and preventing human suffering as well as non-human suffering. It is about creating a sustainable future.

In third world countries, children starve next to fields of soya and grain destined for export as animal feed for Western nations. For every 10kg of plant protein fed to cattle, only one kg is converted into meat

The irony is that whilst the worlds poor are dying of poverty, millions of affluent Westerners are dying from heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and cancers, largely caused by eating animal products.

Water scarcity is reaching crisis point. According to the CSIRO, every kilogram of meat consumed requires up to 100,000 litres of water to produce. In contrast, rice, our thirstiest crop, requires only 1500 litres.

November 1st is World Vegan Day ... the perfect day to make the decision to try a more healthy, sustainable, and compassionate vegan lifestyle.

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