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Letter from Thomas Norrell about Ending Animal Cruelty- 17 Oct 2006


I have been aware of this cruelty in the Philippines for a while now and have been condemning it to those in authority there, by letter and by email.

Your website is very graphically showing the amount of cruelty being inflicted on so-called "man's best friend" - by "man" himself, and whilst it is terrible to look through for obvious reasons, I am thankful there are such websites.

I am a member of IFAW (United Kingdom) and constantly take whatever practical action I can to support the cause of bringing such international misery and suffering of all animals to an end.

Please keep up the good work of educating people visiting your website, as to what is going on in places we perhaps like to think are tranquil islands in the sun, but which are actually torture chambers for God's other creatures with whom we must share this planet. I utterly condemn every cruelty against animals of every kind, no matter where it happens - we all have a responsibility to prevent it happening and to this end I will continue to take all practical action through IFAW, on behalf of animals everywhere.

Thomas Norrell

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Thomas:

Thank you very much for writing and for your encouraging comments.

If you would like us to share your letters or anything else with our visitors, wed be very happy to publish it, and hopefully extend your letters to many other people.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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