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Letter from Linda Lori about Ending the Suffering of Animals - 30 Dec 2006

I saw your website on animal cruelty and your shots of the dogs that are being slaughtered in Korea, etc.
Shame on you that you did not give these slaughter people the money to buy these dogs, etc. before they endured such horrible suffering.
You are hypocritical of what you stand for since you could stand by and not only watch but also photograph this suffering and cruelty.
So, exactly how many dogs did you rescue from Korea, the Philippines etc.
If I were there, I would have taken every dog that was in those cages and figured out something to do with them to keep them from that horrible death.
Shame on you,

Linda Lori
PS:  And don't bother justifying this by saying that we need to document the cruelty etc. etc. etc.....YOU WERE THERE AND ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN!

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Linda:
You don't understand very much about doing undercover work and photography.

If the photographers tried to stop what was happening, or buy the animals, as you suggest, there would have been no documented evidence to inform the public and bring an end to the cruelty, which is beginning to happen.
Furthermore, because of the documentation, just last week Macy's stopped selling coats trimmed with raccoon dog fur.
Instead of complaining about one animal that wasn't saved, join our efforts and help save millions.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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