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Letter from Mary and Frank Hoffman to the Editor of Natural Health - 30 Dec 2007

To the editor:

As long time vegans, and members/subscribers to your excellent magazine, we were puzzled by John Nowakowski’s comment on page 20 of the Summer/Fall 2006 issue: “Watching the craftsmen make their leather wallets…was an added bonus.”

No, we’re not trying to be “politically correct,” find fault, point fingers, etc. We, too, at one time didn’t understand the inherent cruelty that produces leather, and we are very grateful that others took the time to open our eyes to the facts of animal suffering.

Changing one’s diet is only the beginning of the wonderful journey that is veganism. We’re sure there are other members of the National Health Association who feel as we do and who hope Mr. Nowakowski will “make the connection” between leather and cruelty.

Frank and Mary Hoffman, Trustees
The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation

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