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Letter from Jenny Moxham about Australian Animal Cruelty - 1 Jan 2007

Dear Mary and Frank,

Thank you so much for putting that graphic video on your website (wool). I do hope lots of people view it. I wish all Australians were forced to view it. Before seeing it I had just sent this letter off to the papers:

Whilst many people have been vocal regarding the hanging of the brutal murderer, Saddam Hussein, how many have raised their voices in outrage at Australia's continued, and ever increasing cruelty to sheep and cattle exported live to the Middle East? Each year millions of totally innocent beings are crammed aboard ships and forced to endure a nightmare voyage before being mercilessly abandoned by Australia in countries where cruelty to animals is the norm. The unspeakable terror and suffering that these animals then endure, even before their throats are brutally sawn through, makes the treatment of Saddam Hussein seem like a picnic.

Cruelty to farmed animals abounds in our own country too, with breeding sows and laying hens kept permanently confined in metal, body hugging pens and cages. 'Broiler' hens, tightly packed inside massive warehouse type buildings fare little better. On top of this, most farmed animals are subjected to agonizing mutilations such as tail docking castration, de-beaking and mulesing without anesthetics or pain relief.

This year please make a resolution to help put an end to this heartless, needless and unjust treatment of our gentle fellow beings. Boycotting any products derived by cruelty is a first and important step towards achieving this goal.

Jenny Moxham

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